The Smartphone Care You’ve Been Waiting For

Learn how to use features and apps that will unleash the full power of your phone

Turn your problem over to a specialist who owns it until it’s solved

Minimize downtime–for you and for your phone–when problems arise

Keep your phone fit, connected and private so it’s always there for you

Remember the way it used to be?


Search for answers online?

Good luck trolling through the forums and blogs looking for answers.

Call technical support?

Who do you even call? The carrier, the handset maker, the app vendor?

Go back to the retail store?

Is anyone at the retail store trained to figure out what the problem is?

The percentage of smartphone users ranking a source of support as #1 or #2: 

  • Search for answers online 37%
  • Ask someone you know 33%
  • Visit retail store 26%
  • Contact mobile service provider 19%
  • Contact device manufacturer 13%
Source: mWize consumer research

Setup tips

Feature discovery

App recommendations

Device health checks

Safeguard against loss

One-on-one help